Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.30.56 PMWith a background in fine arts (majoring in sculpture) I have been working in and around film and various computer graphics related industries since 1987. From visual effects in London I moved on to film production, props and set dressing in South Africa and eventually enrolled in a computer graphics course in Munich.

I then went on to study Softimage in Montreal following which I co-founded Bionic Productions in London in 1996 where I headed up the design team. Bionic (later Bionic Digital) went on to provide the likes of Mission: impossible, The Saint, Daylight, The Jackal, Lost in Space, M:i-2, Behind Enemy Lines and others with user interfaces for playback graphics. The company also designed and produced a number of highly suc- cessful marketing campaigns for United International Pictures, to promote films like The Saint, Mercury Rising and The World is Not Enough.

Eventually I moved to Los Angeles to head up design at the subsidiary of Bionic at Raleigh Studios. In 2001, my wife (a native Melburnian) and I moved to Melbourne where I have worked as a freelance designer, animator and compositor.



I have worked with Ole numerous times over the past decade and it has been a dream experience on every occasion. He can help shape loose ideas with flare and imagination as well as follow a strict brief when that is required. His most recent work on Tony Robinson’s Time Walks exceded my expectations. Ole adds great value but manages to deliver on time and on budget. I know he has many loyal clients and I count myself among them.

Sean Cousins, Director and Owner/Manager at FilmMaker Abroad P/L


“Working with Ole is always a pleasure, his calm under fire is amazing.”

Laurence Dodd, Freelance animator


Ole delivered each of my briefs perfectly. He thinks about your subject, your audience and your technical and budget limitations and then nails it. A real pro.

Rob Wellington, Owner Tanatmount Productinos


I have worked with Ole on many occasions throughout his career, both directly and indirectly.

I have always found him to be a very organised and effective individual, who excelled in creatively competitive, fast-paced, deadline sensitive environments.

He listens and understands his client’s needs and is collaborative and results oriented.

Ole thinks and executes intelligently and is always on-budget and always on-time.

Additionally, Ole demonstrated the personal skills necessary to communicate, lead and motivate staff and external team members alike, as well as successfully manage clients and partner relationships.

He possesses an exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence.

His talent, energy, and enthusiasm are infectious. Ole’s positive attitude and clear thinking made him a person whose opinion was always valued and respected.

He is able to work effectively with and through people to achieve the desired results and goals. I am happy to thoroughly recommend Ole and would be happy to work with him in the future.

Russell Beadle, Senior Manager Global Licensing & Partnerships at QINQO


I’ve known Ole since 1999 when he was working on Mission Impossible 2 in Los Angeles. He was an invaluable technology resource early in our start-up phase and has been an enthusiastic cyber sounding board over the years. His reputation, combined with his excellent work ethics and honesty, makes me recommend him very highly for any position for which he is suited.

Shelli-Anne Couch, Consultant & Co-Founder, Billion Dollar Babes


I’ve known Ole since the mid 80’s when he first worked at a leading Visual Effects Studio. Over the years our paths crossed and eventually we co-founded Bionic’s with offices both in London and Los Angeles, where he ran the US operation.

Ole is extremely innovative and creative in his approach which was hi-lighted by his work on Mission: Impossible 2, being chosen by Abode Software to showcase at the annual trade fair “Siggraph”.

Over the years has proven time and again that there’s more at play than just design talent. I would highly recommend him for any position, and am frustrated that he lives so far away.

Andrew Eio, Director at The Bionic Group Limited


I’ve known Ole for approximately 29 years during which time I have worked with him in a number of capacities. In the late nineties I worked with Ole at Bionic Digital at which time the company was generating playback graphics for The Saint and later M:i-2. On those projects Ole was supervising and heading up the design team, a task he performed flawlessly under tough conditions.

I also worked with Ole on a variety of web-based projects including PressVault, a web-based CMS for the games industry. Again, Ole proved that he was a great team leader who held the project together under difficult circumstances despite, at times, being on location halfway across the world.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ole due to his work ethic and attention to detail, and believe he would be an asset to any team.

Marc Descroizilles- Java Consultant at Alacrity


I have worked with Ole on projects over many years and the quality and creativity of his work has always impressed. ole can always be relied upon to provide top quality work on time and is very easy to work with and I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate on projects.

Nick Cowell, Mobile Architect at Fujitsu