Innit Digital was commisioned to produce a 3-minute video which would be screened in the lobby of Telstra’s Home Integration Lab. The lab is a mock-up apartment crammed full of the latest technology and is designed to test products under real-world conditions.

In our story, things begin to go wrong when mum decides to make smoothies – the blender interferes with dad’s game, the son’s internet connection goes down and the daughter’s Xbox network is on the fritz. Time for the Telstra guardians to step in and fix things. And the dog? He just wants a biscuit and a bit of love. All’s well that ends well.


Client: Telstra – Home Integration Lab


Production Company: Innit Digital
Director: Tony Mahony
Producer: Tanya Stankovic


Writer: Melissa Peters


Editors: Ole Sturm / Chris Downey

Post Production / VFX

CG Supervisor: Ole Sturm
2D Artist/Compositor/VFX: Ole Sturm
VFX: Peter Menich