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With a background in fine arts I have been working in and around film and various computer graphics related industries since 1987. From visual effects in London I moved on to film production, props and set dressing in South Africa and eventually enrolled in a computer graphics course in Munich.

In 1996 I co-founded Bionic Productions in London – Bionic (later Bionic Digital) went on to provide the likes of Mission: impossible, The Saint, Daylight, The Jackal, Lost in Space, M:i-2, Behind Enemy Lines and others with playback graphics. The company also designed and produced a number of highly successful marketing campaigns for United International Pictures, to promote films like The Saint, Mercury Rising and The World is Not Enough.

Eventually I moved to Los Angeles to set up a subsidiary of Bionic at Raleigh Studios. In 2001, my wife (a native Melburnian) and I moved to Melbourne where I worked as a freelance designer, animator and compositor. In 2004 Laurence Dodd and I set up Innit Digital and in July 2015 my family and I moved to Berlin.

I tend to break my videos into two categories, Premium and Classic, which makes it easier to ascertain what the client is after. Below are two samplers which illustrate these two categories.

Examples of Premium Videos

The above video features clips from a variety of video series that I have worked on for different clients. The video is fairly long so please feel free to skip through it to gain an overview.

As you can imagine, the Premium style relies on a more high-end approach which would include:

  • A longer and more detailed design/style frame phase.
  • More complex designs and animation including 3D.
  • Up to 3 revision passes.

Examples of Classic Videos

Again, this video features clips from a variety of videos, this time illustrating what I consider to be the Classic type of video.

The Classic style basically involves less work than the premium style, which makes it cheaper:

  • A shorter design/style frame phase.
  • Heavier reliance on stock footage graphics and icons.
  • Up to 2 revision passes.


Whilst my site is under construction you can view more of my work on my Innit portfolio page.

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If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch via the contact form or call me on + 49 (0)174 328 8749

Ole Sturm, Berlin, Germany